General provisions

Approval in the PPGCS selection process does not imply a scholarship guarantee for all students. The distribution of scholarships depends on the quotas granted annually by the funding agencies. Students must meet the criteria established by these development agencies and PPGCS.

The scholarships will be distributed in the ascending order of classification of candidates, according to the general score at the end of each PPGCS-UFRRJ selection competition. In compliance with the criteria for classifying students in the selection process for the master’s and doctoral programs, the scholarships will be distributed as a priority to those candidates who do not have an employment relationship. Applicants who have a link in public primary and secondary education can only receive scholarships if there are a surplus number of scholarships to distribute to those candidates with no employment relationship. These cases are contemplated by the Joint Ordinance Capes/Cnpq of July 15th, 2010.

The distribution order of the scholarships – when these are made available by the development agencies – will be distributed as follows: they will be distributed to the first candidates in the selection process, who do not have an employment relationship; the Capes-DS scholarships; the Capes-PROPPG grants and, finally, the FAPERJ scholarships will be distributed. This distribution may be approved or changed at a meeting of the PPGCS Collegiate.

During the first semester of each year, at the beginning of a new class, the Scholarship Committee will make available to each fellow student the Guidance Compromise Form; this form must be completed and signed between the fellow student and the PPGCS advisor. This commitment concerns the Teaching Internship Activities and other activities required by the different types of scholarship.

Students with a Faperj scholarship must obey the scholarship renewal report delivery schedules: “It is required to submit, every 12 (twelve) months, scientific reports of fellows; these reports should be accompanied by a copy of published papers and papers presented at local, national and international scientific meetings. Also required is the presentation of an updated academic record of scholarship recipients of scientific initiation, technological initiation, masters and doctorate. Delay in delivery or failure to meet requirements may result in termination or cancellation of the scholarship”.

The renewal of the CAPES grant will also depend on an analysis of the graduate’s academic performance by the Scholarship Committee.

The PPGCS will provide the student with a certificate of the activities carried out, namely: the teaching stage and the academic activities of graduation through teaching aid.

Internship and other activities of Assistance and Tutoring in Teaching, Research, and Extension

He may be a Tutor of the Teaching Internship, and other teaching assistance activities, a Dissertation Advisor, or any other Professor of the Social Sciences Degree, with the consent of the PPGCS advisor; This option may occur if the student perceives the need to perform Teaching Internship and Assistance and Tutoring activities in undergraduate disciplines that complement their training for the research and preparation of the dissertation.

It is recommended that the Teaching Internship occurs in periods in which the student is not attending many disciplines or finalizing the dissertation or thesis.

During the activity of Teaching Internship, and Teaching and Tutoring Assistance, the scholarship student should accompany the teacher in class, assisting the teacher and the students in the discussions, facilitation, and dynamics of the classes.

All students, especially scholarship holders, must meet the qualifying and defense regimental deadlines.

All these guidelines comply with the specific provisions of each modality of stock exchange in force in the PPGCS – UFRRJ.